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Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my awesome website.
My name is Ritu Rana and I am an escort in Delhi. I love meeting new people and going to fun parties. I am a college student in Delhi University and my looks are so versatile that when I am attending classes, people think of me as a sweet little college girl. However, when you meet me as an escort in Delhi, you will be blown away by my amazing looks and charm.
As an escort in Delhi, I provide a wide variety of sexy and naughty services that are designed to keep you satisfied at all times. I love learning new things like new fetishes, fantasies and positions and am extremely versatile while doing so. My services as an escort in Delhi can be tailored to suit your needs so that you have a memorable night. If you like romantic evenings, I can give you the girlfriend experience. If you like wild parties with lots of people and booze, I can accompany you to parties and dazzle all your friends. If you want to be alone with me, we can meet in a luxurious hotel room and enjoy ourselves. Since I am a young, carefree and wild escort in Delhi, I have no problems with travelling all over the country or even abroad just to meet you and spend time with you.

I am someone who takes her career very seriously as I really enjoy being an escort girl in Delhi and am extremely passionate about the things I do. I love to party and meet new people and can always be counted on for a really good time. This is what my website all about.

I furthermore guarantee that all that you do with me is protected as I by and large use security and never skip restorative checkups.
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